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10 things…i learned about myself by watching “orange is the new black”

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Orange is the New Black

1.  i never want to go to prison.  ever.

2.  i wouldn’t last a second in prison without freaking out.  i’d be crying, which would probably lead to me becoming someone’s bitch.  it would just be terrible.  i’m not tough or sneaky or cunning.  i would fall apart.

3.  i enjoy hearing people’s backstories.  it’s almost like extreme people-watching, this show.  each episode highlights one of the prisoners and what led them to prison.  each one is interesting in their own way.  sometimes they’re even shocking.  but they are all absolutely fascinating.

4.  i could never be a lesbian – part-time or full-time.  not gonna happen.  even if i was in prison.

5.  i have terrible self-control when watching a series on netflix.  i can’t watch one episode of anything in one sitting, unless it completely sucks.  i have to watch two or three episodes.  sometimes even more.  i have an issue.  thank goodness i never did drugs.  i would have been terrible at it.

6.  i can have sympathy for nearly everyone.  each prisoner has a unique story.  some of them are just bad people.  but the vast majority of them just lost their way or never had one at all.  it’s easy to empathize.

7.  i can’t stand cheating no matter the reasons or circumstances.  there are several characters that cheat.  i just hate to see it.  none of the reasons were valid.  cheating is wrong.

8.  i’m rethinking how i feel about the prison system.  the deals and unfair sentences and solitary confinement.  they all need a little tweaking.

9.  i need good nutritious food.  the food in prison is terrible, and no one wants to eat it.  they don’t have a choice.  i do.

10.  i prejudged…and then i loved it.  i do that all the time with people, books, movies, family, everything.  and i did it with this show.  it is amazing.  it lives up to the hype.  go watch it.  just be warned that you will lose a lot of time because it’s impossible to watch just one episode.

Orange is the New Black 2

6 thoughts on “10 things…i learned about myself by watching “orange is the new black”

  1. I just finished watching the second season. Like you, I really enjoy learning the backstory of the different women. It’s a good reminder that everyone has a story.

  2. This show also changed me. It made me think a lot after watching it. I’m a nurse and I do my best not to judge people but I do listen to my inner self, because it has never let me down. Your points, many I share. Thanks for your thoughts on that show.

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