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measurements and goals | june 2014 {late}

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monthly health update:

things i did well in may:  clean eating (for the first three weeks of may).  counting calories and hitting the mark nearly every day (again, for the first three weeks). finished reading “master your metabolism” (i’ll reflect on it next week).

things i still need to work on:  weighing myself too much.  staying motivated and focused through the week with solid workouts.  gaining weight (gained 3 lbs.).  not eating out so much.  choosing healthy and small snacks.  not pushing my wrist before it’s ready.  using the outdoors now that it’s summertime.

here’s my measurements from june 13th:


here are the changes in inches from may to june:

  • chest = 0
  • bust = -.5
  • waist = +.5
  • arms = +.5
  • midway = +.5
  • hips = +.5
  • thighs = 0
  • knees = -.5

*i use the measurement chart from this post.

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1.  to get right back on track after vacations and other “fun times”.

2.  to eat NO fast food whatsoever.

3.  to only drink alcohol one night a week.

4.  to complete the couch to 5K program by the end of the summer.

5.  to accept and trust the process, no matter how slow or rocky.

6.  to eat a more balanced diet (nothing crazy, but i need to work on fewer starchy carbs and more lean proteins, veggies, and good fats).

7.  to continue to stay focused on my personal mantra daily.  (if you’re interested in why and how i choose this personal mantra, check out this post)


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