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6.27 | high five for friday!


(ONE) my fitness-and-fuel have been on point this week.  i tried some new recipes like the zucchini lasagna i posted about on tuesday and this greek yogurt chicken salad recipe.  i’m down about one pound for this month, but that’s okay.  i had a lot of catching up to do from my mistakes in may, and i’ve been kind of killing it lately.  ain’t nothin’ to be ashamed of.  🙂  i’ve been keeping up with my couch to 5k program and am now running five minutes straight, which is kind of a miracle for me.

real food

(2) this quote from a women’s health magazine article.

shailene woodley quote from "women's health"

(three) i have a family reunion with my mama’s side of the family tomorrow.  i haven’t been since i was a kid so it’ll be fun to spend time and catch up my long lost family members.  i’m looking forward to the stories.  i’m always up for some stories.  🙂


(4) i finished “gone girl” this week.  holy crap.  what an incredible book.  i could hardly put it down.  and when i finished it at midnight, i literally said, “what the hell?” out loud.  i could barely sleep because i couldn’t stop thinking about it.  i can’t wait to see the movie.  i hope they do a decent adaptation of it.  i’ve heard that the author of the book wrote the screenplay too so there’s a good chance it’ll be a great movie!

gone girl by gillian flynn

(FIVE)  my grandfather is turning 80 on monday.  he’s an amazing man.  as part of a surprise, all of the family members wrote him a letter. i’m meeting him and my grandmother in two weeks in santa fe, new mexico again.  i’m looking forward to the fresh air and memories.  you never know how many more you’ll get…

me and my grandparents in santa fe, nm |summer 2013


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6 thoughts on “6.27 | high five for friday!

  1. I’m always looking for new healthy recipes. I need to try that chicken salad!! Gone Girl has been on my to read list forever. Must make it happen!!

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