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gratitude for my grandparents

i went to my family reunion on saturday.  i didn’t know half the people, but recognized their last names.  i looked at a ton of pictures and listened to stories from my mama, aunt, uncle, cousins, and great aunt.  it made me miss my maternal grandparents.  i wish they could have been there to tell me the real story behind some of those fascinating pictures.  i wish they could have given me a hug and told me they loved me.  they were both extremely interesting people, and i didn’t have enough time with them.  they’ve both been gone for over ten years, and i still miss them.  and i’m still a little angry that they were taken from me and my sisters and my cousins so soon.

my handsome grandad


my great-grandparents
some of my nonnie’s paintings at the local museum.

i’m lucky that i still have my paternal grandparents.  in fact, today is my granddaddy’s 80th birthday.  as a part of his birthday, my grandmother asked everyone to write him a letter to recall a favorite memory.  i wrote about our time in santa fe last year.  even though my relationship with them can be difficult at times, i’m looking forward to spending some time with them.  i’m grateful for the time with them, especially after this past weekend.  time is precious, and we can’t waste it.


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