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measurements and goals | july 2014

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reflections on june:

things i did well in june:  clean and healthy eating.  counting calories and hitting the mark nearly every day. completed the first half of the couch to 5k program.  staying motivated.  not eating out but just a few times.  only drinking alcohol once a week.  solid workouts.  hydrating.

things i still need to work on:  choosing healthy and small snacks.  not pushing my wrist before it’s ready.  eating enough calories each day because there were days that i didn’t.  doing well when i go out of town.

here’s my measurements from july 1st:

july measurements

here are the changes in inches from mid-june to july:

  • chest = 0
  • bust = 0
  • waist = +.5
  • arms = +.5
  • midway = +.5
  • hips = +.5
  • thighs = 0
  • knees = 0

*i use the measurement chart from this post.


eating | more and different veggies.

drinking | lots of water!

practicing | more yoga and pilates.

mastering | running for five minutes without dying.

learning | more about google + and how to incorporate it more at school/home

trying | to make healthy and flavorful salads.

playing | games with friends.  i am in need of a real game night.

finishing | my scrapbook from last summer.  seriously…it’s time.

reading | “daring greatly” by brene  brown.  it’s making me think about myself and my journey.  also, “wild” by cheryl strayed.

remembering | that the road to health is a long one.

enjoying | my summer off.  i want to do more each week.

feeling | carefree and happy.

hoping | for healthy and happy relationships.

wearing | my workout clothes all day erry day.

cooking | more vegetarian meals.

working | on some school ideas for the next year.

traveling |  to santa fe, new mexico to spend a week with my grandparents.  can’t wait for some hiking in the mountain air!

needing | more education on nutrition and more recipes.

wanting | summer to last a little longer!

*i found the idea for this list from katrina @  i think i’ll keep it for my monthly updates.  and check her out!  she’s hilarious.

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