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WOW 7.2 – back to normal, whatever that is.


i had some slip-ups over the weekend, but nothing too crazy.  i’m starting to incorporate some old workouts back into my routine.  i’m still doing my couch to 5k and strength training.  the running is getting rough though.  i’m not enjoying it at all.  so i’ve been doing more kickboxing and started back at some HIIT.  i’m worried about overworking or hurting my wrist again, but i also want to get back to normal workouts, whatever that is.  i think this is just something i’m going to have to deal with and work around.

i’m slightly concerned about next week because i’ll be out of town.  but, i’ll be in the mountains in new mexico so i’ll have opportunities to do some different things like hiking and cross country walking/running and maybe some tennis. i remember last year i was really focused and did something active each day.  that’s my goal for this trip, too.

this 40 minute video is brutal but great.  there are four sections: warm-up | HIIT section (about 15 minutes) | cardio burnout section (about 15 minutes) | cool down.  i’m not going to sugarcoat it; it is hard.  but maybe that has something to do with the fact that i haven’t done a HIIT workout in a long time.  gotta be honest though…i kind of liked it.  afterwards, i felt great.  tired but great.

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2 thoughts on “WOW 7.2 – back to normal, whatever that is.

  1. I love fitness blender! I always feel the same way with HIIT workouts- the whole time I think I might die then at the end I’m li ke haaay that was kind of great! So jealous that you’re going to the mountains in New Mexico!!!

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