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7.4 | high five for friday!


(ONE)  happy independence day!  this is definitely one of my favorite holidays.  fireworks, patriotism, beer, and barbecue?  what’s not to love!  i am spending the evening with one of my friends and her amazingly fun family.  should be a blast!  i’m going to make some of these easy little things for a dessert/snack…

chocolate dipped oreos
click for the pinterest link

(2)  i hung out with an old friend on wednesday.  we started with coffee and ended up sitting outside the coffee shop for five hours!  we had to catch up.  and one of the many reasons i like her is that she humors all my ideas and stories.  for example, she doesn’t think my tiny house obsession is weird at all.  🙂 it was time well spent.

coffee with friends

(three)  i had a great workshop on monday about document based writing.  even though i have been to similar trainings before, i found this one fascinating.  i’ll definitely be using the info.  it was weird to use my brain for the first time in a month, but it was also good for me.  i don’t ever like to be too far away from my nerdiness.

(4)  i’m heading out to new mexico next week to hang out with my grandparents.  it’ll be so nice to breathe in the cool mountain air and escape west texas for a few days.

me and the grands.
my grandparents and me last year in NM.

(FIVE) i went on a real-life big girl adult date for the first time in a long while.  i don’t know where it’s headed, but it felt good to spend time with a man who listened to what i was saying and made me laugh…for four hours straight.  i’d say that was a successful first date.  🙂

some stories
love this quote.



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