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7.11 | high five for friday!


(ONE) so i spent the past week in new mexico.  the cooler weather alone was wonderful.  but i love being surrounded by mountains.  there’s something calming about it.


(2)  i still got in quite a bit of exercise while still on vacation.  that’s pretty shocking to me.  i went hiking (along with a little running) every morning and took a long walk each evening.  i love the challenge of climbing up the side of a mountain, even if it took me a day or two to stop gasping for air from the change in altitude.

at the top!
at the top!
some pretty sweet peas i saw on my hikes.
some pretty sweet peas i saw on my hikes.

(three)  i finished reading “wild” by cheryl strayed this week.  i had to read the last chapter through tears!  she had such an incredible journey full of emotional pain and physical struggles, but she made it.  the story touched me so much.  it made me want to do it to see what i would learn about myself.  i’ve already done a solo road trip.  why not a solo hiking trip?

"wild" by cheryl strayed

(4) while in santa fe one day, i visited the bataan memorial museum (also known as the new mexico national guard museum).  it is a small museum, but i had always wanted to visit it because it got good reviews and it’s an interesting topic. it doesn’t take long to get through the museum, but there are so many interesting stories along the way.  we also watched a short film while there that i learned a ton of information about world war ii in the philippines.  it’s a piece of history i definitely won’t forget.  if you go to santa fe and you’re a history buff, definitely stop by.

bataan memorial museum in santa fe, nm
left: my granddaddy pointed out the patches he wore in the army, including the “screaming eagle” | right: shorts made by a soldier in the POW camp out of any material he could find.

(FIVE)  i had the chance to celebrate my grandparents’ 57th wedding anniversary and my granddaddy’s 80th birthday with them.  can you imagine?  57 years with the same person and still in love.  80 years on earth and still (relatively) healthy.  i hope i get that much out of my life.


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12 thoughts on “7.11 | high five for friday!

  1. hey gal! thank you so much for adding our little button to your 5 on friday! warms my heart! ps. super jealous of your mexico vay-cay. and good work on getting some workouts in! i like to workout on vacation…makes me feel better in the old bikini. 🙂

  2. 57 years of Marriage – now that is something to celebrate! Congratulations to your Grandparents. Your trip looks amazing, being at one with nature always calms me

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