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i’m done with “diets”.

i’ve watched a few very interesting documentaries on netflix recently, food inc., knives over forks, and hungry for change.  i would recommend all of these documentaries.  they all had great points about the food industry.  they kind of shook me up a little bit.  since watching them, i’ve thought about what i was/am doing to my body and about the effects of my food choices.

i would say that i’ve been on a “diet” since i was seventeen.  i’ve counted calories, restricted my food intake, and eaten “diet” foods since that time and maybe even before.

i’ve been doing it all wrong.  i’ve been eating the wrong things while thinking that they were the right things.  i just went with what other people said or what i read in women’s magazines.  i bought into the whole “fat free” thing (along with just about everyone else).  i ate prepackaged diet meals because i was too lazy or ignorant to do better.

i used to hate food.  i used to hate my body because it wouldn’t do what i wanted it to do quickly enough.  but i’m learning to accept that food is not the enemy and it’s not the best friend.  it’s an ally that helps fuel your body.  it is scientifically built to protect me.  it’s the only body i’ll ever have and need to feed and nurture it.  that’s not to say that i don’t have bad body image days.  they happen all the time and sometimes i beat myself up about it, but the difference now is that i try not to dwell on it.  i don’t live in that space anymore.

real food

i’m trying and making major changes.  i actually read the ingredients of products that i buy now.  i am more conscious of the meat and other animal products that i buy.  although i don’t think i can ever give up dr. pepper forever, i don’t really drink any cokes or diet cokes anymore.  i’m eating more veggies.  i’m meal planing more and making conscious decisions instead of just “winging it”.  i’m becoming more adventurous with my food choices and trying new things.

i know that i am making good, solid choices for myself.  some people give me shit about it, but i can take it.  they’re annoyed by my “pickiness”.  now, it’s not like i’m forcing anyone else to do it.  i don’t refuse food at restaurants or people’s houses.  i don’t turn my nose up at anything, and i don’t make things difficult for anyone else by myself.  so i can take the comments and rolling eyes.

the thing that those people probably don’t know is that i’m also skeptical of everything i read and see.  i look at both sides of the coin.  often if i just think about the company’s motives and read the ingredient list, i can make a good decision for myself.  it’s not easy.  and it’s not cheap.  and i can’t go full throttle on eating organic and naturally.  i know that i will still want to eat processed foods every once in awhile.  i will eat out at restaurants.  and there will be times when i won’t have a choice.  but i’m interested in making myself better so i’ll do whatever i need and want to do to make that happen.

4 thoughts on “i’m done with “diets”.

  1. About 8 years ago, I lost 40 pounds. I had been obsessed with food and dieting and jogging before that. I started walking (not running) 3 miles a day and eating whatever I wanted (aka NOT a no-carb/no-sugar/latest fad diet), but just half. So I’d fix my plate as usual, knock off half, and that was it. Best thing I’ve ever done! I finally got smart and figured out a lifestyle and a weight that felt best. Looks like you have, too. 🙂

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