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a little summer reading

each summer, i have grand plans of reading a ton of books.  and each summer, i pretty much fail.  but this year, i actually did get some reading done.  and boy did i have some hits.  here are the six books that i really connected with:

favorite summer reading 2014

gone girl – this thriller kept me up at night reading chapter after chapter.  just when you think you have it figured out…you totally don’t.  it’s a battle of the wits between a husband and wife.  i even had a “what the eff” moment when it was over though.  be prepared for it to frustrate you, anger you, and baffle you.  i can’t wait for the movie!

wild – so as part of grieving her mother and a failed marriage, a woman goes on a long hike up the pacific coast trail.  right up my alley!  i cried when this one was done.  it moved me in so many ways.  i related to so much of what she described.  i didn’t understand some of her decisions.  but she made me reflect.  boy, did she make me reflect.  again…can’t wait for the movie.

to kill a mockingbird – this is an absolute classic.  it’s the story of a girl growing up in a small southern town in the 1930s.  you see her father’s fight against injustice through her eyes.  i’ve read it probably four times before.  it’s great every time i read it.  it’s just an amazing story that never gets old.  i think everyone should read this book because it will teach you about empathy, courage, and love.

master your metabolism – i struggled through this one, but i learned so much from it.  jillian michaels walks you through how to eliminate bad foods and add in good nutrition.  i know that i won’t be able to do everything in the book, but i can take a few baby steps at a time.  as long as i’m headed in the right direction with my fuel and fitness, that’s what matters.  {i wrote THIS POST focusing on this book earlier this summer.}

daring greatly – i’m not finished with this one, but i had to put it on the list.  this book is very eye-opening.  it’s a self-help book, which i’m normally not into.  but this one is so interesting.  it’s teaching me that opening myself up is a good thing and that vulnerability does not equal weakness.

dark places – another thriller from gillian flynn.  does this lady have psychological issues?  just kidding.  i loved this book just as much as gone girl.  basically, a woman tries to figure out who killed her family when she was a child.  the main suspect was her brother, but she’s not sure.  the thing with these books is that there is a twist around every corner.  the story is revealed through each and every chapter.  you don’t always like the characters.  in fact, they are all intensely flawed.  but that makes for a super interesting story.


6 thoughts on “a little summer reading

  1. I am not really into thrillers because they scare the bajeesus out of me, but I keep seeing Gone Girl everywhere. Maybe I should read it.. I also want to read Wild, and its been years since I read To Kill a Mockingbird!

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