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WOW 7.23 – getting back into kickboxing

WOW with {a tattooed teacher in texas}

i’ve been slacking off.  there i said it.

i just didn’t realize it until my accountability partner admitted the same to me this week.  i started reflecting on myself and discovered i have been too.  it’s a horrible feeling to know that you’ve lost weeks of possible progress.  yeah, it’s summer and i’m schedule-free, but that’s no excuse. i haven’t gained any weight, but i’ve gotten soft and that’s just as annoying.

but it is what it is…

it’s time to get focused again.

so i needed a little push this week back into a routine.  i chose kickboxing to do the job.

i just love kickboxing.  it makes me feel powerful, like i could kick some serious ass.  and it’s a great workout.   i was turned on to a new youtube channel by lindsay from broke and bougie.  i love this guy!!  he does everything with you (i hate it when trainers don’t do the work too) and he explains everything well.  his workouts are non-stop so be prepared to be sweating buckets and completely out of breath by the end.

this 45 minute workout is tough.  it’s the last video in a series, but i didn’t know that until after i’d already done it.  i picked it because it was the most recent one.  there’s a quick cardio warm-up followed by a stretch portion.  then, there are four circuits of unique moves.  it ends with a quick cool down and stretch.  i’ll definitely be doing this one again!

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16 thoughts on “WOW 7.23 – getting back into kickboxing

  1. What is it about summer vacation that makes teachers slack off?? I’m the same way…I think to myself “I have all summer to get all of these things done, I can work-out whenever I want, etc” and then I blink and it’s August and I have accomplished nothing!! 🙂

    I also really love kickboxing…it’s such an empowering workout!!


  2. THANKS SO MUCH!!! @ Taylor Rankin. I really really appreciate the kind words and you giving me this special shout-out on your blog. Keep up the excellent work and I’ll keep putting out workouts to keep you motivated.

  3. Hah! I used to be a teacher (bio for 2 , 8th grade science and health for 1) and I hear what you ladies are saying about summer flying by and not being nearly as productive as you’d like. I think it’s because you REALLY need that time to recover from the school year. I run an 8 Week Online Teacher’s Program that starts Sept 8th so I’ll have to interview my teachers to see if they have any insight too 🙂

    Thanks for the great workout idea!

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