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7.25 | high five for friday!


(ONE)  i’m trying out some new recipes this week.  i already made some summer rolls i found on pinterest and a tortellini summer salad from the july issue of southern living.  they were both delicious!  i ate on those two meals for a several days this week.  i have to work on my spring/summer roll wrapping technique though.  i still have yet to try an asian edamame salad (from the july women’s health magazine) and the sweet tea and lemonade cake (from the august southern living magazine)  they both sound awesome.

(2)  i had a come to jesus moment with myself about my health this week.  i’ve been making excuses because it’s summertime and i’m not technically working right now and i’m dating someone new.  excuses don’t matter.  i need to make my health a priority again.  my accountability partner and i renewed our goals and set the reset button.  we played some tennis this week, and i got in some other great workouts.  in other words…it’ll be fine.

(three)  i spent three hours out at the pool on wednesday because i have that kind of time.  and miraculously, i didn’t get sunburned (except for one spot on my legs).  thank you, sunscreen!


(4) i got to see some live music this past weekend.  one was an amazing local band {strangetowne} and the other was stoney larue.  both shows were fun, in different ways.  my cousin and i got to mess with stoney after his concert.  don’t have a big head and expect us not to call you out.  🙂

fun with friends
left: my friend brin, my cousin lauren, and me at the stoney larue concert | right: me and my friend kat at the strangetowne concert

here’s one of strangetowne’s songs… 

(FIVE)  my friend kat got some baby chicks for her new backyard chicken coop.  on thursday, i went over to visit them.  the chicks are so adorable!  i definitely got my baby animal fix that day.



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