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WOW 8.6 | “oh, you know… just diet and exercise.”

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a few weeks ago, i ran into a friend of a friend that i haven’t seen in probably more than a year.  she immediately greeted me and then said, “wow, you look great!  what have you been doing?”

i replied, “oh, you know… just diet and exercise.”  i think i even laughed at it.

she was visibly disappointed.  she just said, “oh, okay.”  and then turned back to her group.

i know she wanted a different answer.  i’ve seen things she posts on facebook and i’ve heard her talk before about different fad diets.  she lost some weight last year using advocare and generally not eating, but it’s obviously creeping back.  i’m sure she wanted a new idea.

but i just don’t have that anymore.

no new ideas.

just a diet of good, natural food and consistent exercise.

i haven’t done my best this summer.  but i think that conversation gave me a jolt i needed.  up to that point, i was kind of starting to think about what i could do to get in shape before school started.  every summer, it seems like i come back to school with a few extra pounds.  i thought this summer would be different, that i would go back looking and feeling better.  and in a lot of ways, i have.  i haven’t gained but a couple of pounds, but i haven’t done all of the things i planned.  it could be worse, i guess.


this woman reminded me of the nature of my health goals.  i want to eat real food.  i don’t want to take any unneeded supplements.  i don’t want to follow any temporary fad diets.  i want to do all different kinds of workouts.  i want to be active and strong.  i want to create a new and permanent lifestyle.  i want to leave behind all of that temporary crap.  i just want to be healthy and happy for years to come.

i know that for me, school provides more structure to my day.  that structure helps me to get more done.  i know that sounds weird because it seems like i have all the time in the world during the summer.  but that’s the problem. there’s too many distractions.  so as i countdown the next week and a half, i’m kind of looking forward to being busy again.  a daily schedule works for me.  free time does not.   free time equals netflix marathons, time by the pool, and sleeping in way too late.  so bring it on, school!  i’m ready for ya!

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4 thoughts on “WOW 8.6 | “oh, you know… just diet and exercise.”

  1. so true! everyone is always looking for the newest fad diet, and while some of them might work for a little while, its not healthy. and being healthy is more important than being ‘skinny’ 🙂

  2. Ahh I’m exactly the same way- when my schedule is off I just can’t get anything right! Glad you’re excited to get back to school! This summer has been rough for everyone’s diets/exercise I think! We got this!

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