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30 great things about being 30.

a few months ago, i was terrified to turn thirty.  i didn’t know what to expect.  people kept giving me their opinions though… it’s the best decade of your life.  it’s all downhill from here.  you will become who you really are.  single and thirty? i’m sorry.

friends thirtieth birthdays

it wasn’t very encouraging. but i remember watching the “friends” all turn thirty, and it was hilarious.  i knew it couldn’t be all that bad.  in fact, i’ve kind of embraced it.  it’s like a new start.

so here are 30 awesome things about your thirties:

1.  you’ll be more confident and comfortable in your own skin.

2.  you may be older, but you won’t feel like it in your mind.

3.  you’ll develop some healthy skepticism.

4.  you will have a larger world view.

5.  you’ll truly appreciate being carded for buying alcohol.

6.  you will know that love is a feeling AND a choice.  it takes work.

7.  your stuff does not define you.  only you do that.

8.  you’ll have a better, more equal relationship with your parents.

9.  you’ll learn about your body (because it will betray you with a slowing metabolism).

10.  you will know which foods you cannot eat for digestive reasons.

11.  you have built a home for yourself that’s a reflection of you.

12.  you have life experiences that you’ve learned from.

13.  you’ll learn to accept that everyone moves through life at a different pace.

14.  your friendships are stronger and more honest.

15.  you know there are things you just can’t change about your body.

16.  you know how to make a big purchase responsibly.

17.  {hopefully} you’ll be more financially secure than in your twenties.

18.  people come to you for advice and support.

19.  you’ve learned how to prevent and treat hangovers.

20.  you know the positives and negatives of credit cards.

21.  you know when and how to stand up for yourself.

22.  you know which clothes look good on you and what fashions you like.

23.  you have better, healthier relationships with men.

24.  you’ll learn to appreciate peace and quiet.

25.  you know when to splurge and when to spend.

26.  you have figured out your political and religious beliefs.

27.  you’ll understand that everyone has a past full of mistakes and bad experiences.

28.  people take you more seriously.

29.  you’re still up for trying new things.

30.  you can truly be yourself.

6 thoughts on “30 great things about being 30.

  1. haha great list! i am not 30 yet but knowing i have these great things to look forward to I’m not so worried 😉 although to be honest, at 27, I feel like most of these are true now haha. Maybe I’m an old soul.

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