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oh, netflix…i don’t think you get me.

i got netflix this summer to try it out and because summer television is not the greatest.  i knew i’d have some free time.  plus, it’s pretty cheap.

but the real reason was because i wanted to see the second season of “orange is the new black”. (i was not disappointed.)

netflix marathons

i’ve noticed something though…

netflix likes to give you recommendations.  often, these recommendations are totally off base.

if you watch one weird documentary, netflix pigeon-holes you as a weirdo.  it then suggests a whole bunch of other weird documentaries that it thinks you’ll like.  and before you know it, every recommendation is for weird documentaries.

then i watched the last season of “the killing”, “the fall”, and “southcliffe”, all criminal mysteries.  so now netflix thinks all i want to watch is movies about killers.

so after “orange is the new black”, the weird documentaries, and the criminal shows, netflix thinks i’m a lesbian-loving weirdo murderer.  and i not any of those things.

…okay, maybe i’m a bit of a wierdo.

but now i’m kind of nervous for anyone else to see my netflix listings because it is not a representation of who i am.  anyone who saw those listings would be put off for sure.

netflix…i don’t think you get me.  you assume so many things about me.  just be open-minded, would ya?

6 thoughts on “oh, netflix…i don’t think you get me.

  1. we just got netflix, its ok, but its not the bomb dot com. my husband and i have separate profiles so that we dont get weird recommendations, and i found a lot of things i search for arent on there which makes me mad, but eh.

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