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teaching tip 46. create a teacher binder.

i’m all about organization.  if i don’t have everything in order, i will lose my mind.

one of the things that i use to keep myself organized is a teacher binder.  i keep my lesson plans, planning calendars, seating charts, sub plans, and more in my binder.

1.  buy a heavy duty binder and sturdy dividers (with pockets).  this thing will see some action throughout the year so make sure that it can handle it.

2.  decide the categories you want in your binder and the order.  i teach high school so i’ve used these categories in my binders: seating charts, monthly planning calendars, lesson plans, info on my dual credit college class, sub notes, and notes.

3.  fill your binder with all your info and stuff!

4.  create a cute cover.  you’ll be using it often so you might as well make it adorable.

5.  use binder clips to keep your lesson plans updated to the current week.

6.  put post-its to work in the front of your binder as to-do lists and notes.

other tips:

  • since it will contain some important info, make sure that it is secure when not in use.
  • don’t be afraid to change your binder over the course of the year.
  • sometimes a supply bag in the front is helpful to keep colorful pens, highlighters, and post-its handy.
  • it doesn’t have to be fancy!  see below. 🙂  just make whatever you have work for you.  i just used paper, markers, dividers, and a binder.


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