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8.22 | high five for friday!


…one…  well, we start back to school on monday.  i have a feeling i’ll be spending my saturday at school finishing up last minute preparations.  for some reason, the “first day” always sneaks up on me.  it seems unreal that summer is over and we’re starting a new year.  but a new year also means a new start.  so bring it on!

children are not a distraction

….two…  my workouts were better this week.  i worked out each day.  i did a mix of HIIT, kickboxing, and walking/jogging.  besides a couple of meals, i’ve gotten my food under control.  meal planning helps a ton.  i freaking love this workout!

…three… because of excitement about school, i’ve been pinning like a mad woman.  (i’ll admit most of it has been during boring inservice meetings.)  here’s a couple of my boards: classroom ideas | education technology | education funnies.

…four…  this quote:

belongs to you

…five…  i am finishing up decorating my high school social studies classroom today.  it’s one of my favorite parts of the beginning of the year!  it still needs some work, but it’s definitely coming along.  (i’ll do a more detailed post in a couple of days.)

2014-15 classsroom
my desk area
2014-15 classroom
my desk and bookshelves, my objectives board, and numbered desks.
2014-15 classroom
by the door bulletin board (for the bell schedule and rules, athletic schedules, and other info), the “please pick up” table, supplies counter and front of the room.


 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png      photo FFaves_zps6c1a013e.png

10 thoughts on “8.22 | high five for friday!

  1. I can’t believe school is already starting. Where did the summer go?? I feel like we were just excitedly leaving our school buildings and then BAM! right back….Hope your first week with the kids goes well!!

  2. Oh school, not happy about starting classes again. I love seeing all the teacher pins on pinterest, makes me want to teach just to do fun crafts. Happy weekend!

  3. Hey lady! I hope your school year is fabulous. I’ve been helping friends get their rooms ready. Fun yet stressful yes crazy! That work out sounds awesome checking into! xx Amanda @

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