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teaching tip 47: set up a teacher website.

i dragged my feet on setting up a teacher website.  i didn’t know if it was worth it.  my district is small so if i want to talk to a teacher or student, it’s easy.  i actually signed up for one last year.  however, i didn’t do much with it.  but i finally worked on it this summer and got the kinks worked out.  it’s ready to be rolled out this school year.  here it is!

my classroom website
the main page

i chose to go with weebly.  it’s easy to work with once you know what to do. i just kept messing with it and figured it out.  the website kind of hard to keep up with, but i think it’ll get better as i update on a regular basis.

i set up a few pages for ed tech web resources.  instead of sending out emails every couple of weeks, i’m going to try this instead.  i think it’ll be more user friendly.  i set up a page for each core subject and a page for general resources.

the ed tech page on my teacher website
my ed tech page

i also set up a page for each of my classes.  i chose not to do one for my dual credit government class because they have one for their class through the college already.  i am planning on posting weekly for my classes.  i figure that will be easier for me and the kids.

sample class page
my pre-ap world history class page

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