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WOW 9.3 | back to the grind

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school is back in session and i got my precious schedule back today.  i’ve said it before, but routine is my friend.  it helps me to stay on track and not turn to treats too much.  but it’s been hard getting back into it!  i’m more tired and have less time so i’ve been trying to make things easier for myself with a simple and quick-to-prepare lunch and some HIIT each day.

i am loving this new salad kit.  i like the idea of eating a salad at lunch. it’s easy and healthy.  i have experimented with “salad in a jar” recipes.  it’s just that they are kind of messy and you usually have to use a plate.  i like this kit because it’s all included.  there’s room to mix the salad in the main compartment, while still keeping everything separated until you’re ready to eat.  and there’s a blue ice thing that attaches to the bottom to keep it cool for hours.

Rubbermaid LunchBlox Salad Kit

now, i’m definitely not one of those people who can just have a salad for lunch.  because of my schedule, i have to workout in the evenings.  and i usually do high intensity or strength training workouts during the week.  i need the energy!  so i’m adding in a healthy pasta salad (with lots of goodies in it) this week with my salad, as well as fruit and kind bars during the long mornings/afternoons.  i’m starting with granola, blueberries, and plain greek yogurt in the mornings and veggies and protein in the evenings.  i don’t mind eating the same thing each day.  it actually makes me feel better when i know what i’m gong to eat and don’t have to think too much about it.  that’s not to say i won’t get bored eventually, but meal planning definitely helps me stay on track.

i’m still doing my 30 day challenge (just in two months instead of one due to my need to mix it up each week).  i’m loving it.  the videos are short but difficult.  and they’re all different.  i NEED variety.  here’s another great one that’s fun because it’s all sports drills:

The Hump Day Blog Hop

4 thoughts on “WOW 9.3 | back to the grind

  1. Good for you! Getting back on track!
    I love school being back in session – my kid started today – and I had so much time to get back to MY routine!

    I love that salad container – SO cool. I have a million different type of bento boxes – Keeping things separate until I’m ready to eat them – is SO key!

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