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9.5 | high five for friday!


…one…   school was freaking crazy this week.  why do the short weeks always last WAY longer than regular weeks???  but it ended up being a great week.  of course there were issues, but it was good.  i realized about halfway through that i just need to accept that i MUST go to bed earlier.  otherwise i am a zombie…with a bitchy side.  and you know what?  more sleep worked.

not just the first day of school.  EVERY day of school.
not just the first day of school. EVERY day of school.

….two…  workouts this week went well.  not great, but okay and consistent.  i am still loving my HIIT and run/walks.  (hail, millionaire hoy!)  i’m still trying to get my food under control.  i’m starting to feel a little “tighter”.  it’s taking some time, but i am feeling more and more motivated each day.

keep off grass
you would not believe the stuff i encounter at the park. i’ve caught people having sex, walked past people doing drugs while with their children, and just experienced general sketchy behavior. this little sidewalk chalk saying seemed a little ironic after passing a man smoking pot while out with his little boy.

…three… i had dinner with my main guy (okay…only guy) this week, and i tried lamb for the first time.  i didn’t tell him that, but i thought i would just be adventurous.  it was at a restaurant that we have been together before and i knew if i ordered it that it would be good because the food there is amazing.  and it was.  i’m slightly ashamed that i ate a little lamb, but it was soooo good and i tried something new..  🙂

…four…  the annual rodeo is over and done with.  it’s exhausting, dusty, and extremely hot.  but it’s for a good cause.

BR Rodeo 2014
the intro to the rodeo – the best part. cue the johnny cash song, “the ragged old flag”.

…five…  i’m thinking i might reread “wild” before the movie comes out in december.  i keep thinking about it.  i just loved that book…and this quote from it.



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4 thoughts on “9.5 | high five for friday!

  1. OH, my gosh–you park experiences seem much like mine! I’m like people–what are you THINKING!?! I’m so glad that your week at school went well but I’m totally with you on the I MUST GO TO BED EARLIER thing! Sheesh.

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