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9.12 | high five for friday!


…one…  i had a great week at school!  like seriously, great.  i wasn’t expecting it because it’s homecoming week and usually the kids are a little crazy.  but this week was calm, full of laughter, and nearly problem free.  (i say that now and it’s almost like i’m jinxing my next week.  🙂 oh well!)


….two…  tonight is the homecoming game and dance.  all week, the weather has been beautiful. and today?  cold and rainy.  at least i’ll get in some good people-watching sponsoring the dance.


…three…  i had a scare at the the park this week.  a freaking tarantula was on the sidewalk.  it’s migration season, but i’ve never seen them in the MIDDLE OF TOWN.  but it made me run so there’s that.


…four…  my workouts were alright this week.  i did pretty well with my food too, but definitely got bored and unfocused.  that usually doesn’t happen with my food.  i mean, i’ll have moments, but it was ALL week.  whatever.  monday is another new start.


…five… my students don’t really remember 9/11, and they asked me where i was  at the moment this week.  i could remember every minute of that day of my own senior year of high school, and the story just flowed from me.  that horrible event imprinted a memory that will last forever, but it will always remind me to be grateful that i was blessed to be born in this great country.

the ragged old flag.
a photo of the opening part of the rodeo. my favorite part. it’s so moving. gives me chills every time the rider goes by faster and faster.


 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png      photo FFaves_zps6c1a013e.png

4 thoughts on “9.12 | high five for friday!

  1. HOLY EFFING BANANAS!!!!!!!! A tarantula? NO! NO! NO! NO! I would be moving immediately!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes! Okay, I won’t get that picture out of my head for the rest of the day/week/month/year! I’d be running, too!!

  2. That tarantula is just crazy. I’ve seen my share of weird bugs, but I’ve never seen a tarantula outside of a zoo, I guess I’ve never lived in one of their regions…and I’d like to keep it that way!

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