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why do we always go for the most unhealthy things all at once?

i have not been doing well lately with my healthy choices…in all areas of my life.

i’m letting my workouts slide or skipping them all together.  and most of the time, i don’t even feel bad about it.

i’m not getting enough sleep, which only makes me more cranky, tired, and unfocused.

i’m putting off going to the doctor for my more frequent headaches when i know it’s only bringing on more pain for myself.

i’m not sticking to my budget like i know i should.  i’m wasting money.

i’m choosing unhealthy foods when there are healthy choices there.  i will even go out of my way to make a special trip to satisfy cravings.

i’m not fighting for myself.

i’m letting some of my friendships fall by the wayside.  and i am letting myself get discouraged when things don’t come together.

i’m not contacting my family members as much as i should.  it’s not like it’s hard.  there are so many avenues.

i’ve put off planning trips to go visit my family and friends.

i’m expecting everyone else to do the work to make things happen.

i’m not fighting for them.

i’m putting quotation marks around my “relationship” because i don’t know what to call it or him or what it even is.

i’m not really speaking up for myself in my “relationship”.

i’m not fighting for it.

i’m not putting God first.  yes, i’ve been going back to church, but i go sporadically at best.

i have a great devotional app, and i haven’t been using it regularly.

i’m not fighting for my faith.

so why do we always go for the most unhealthy things for ourselves when there are clearly other paths and choices?

i know part of being human is that we make mistakes.  but why does it all pile up?  why do we let it pile up?  and how do you dig yourself out of it gracefully?

i’ve clearly got some work to do on myself.  i mean, doesn’t everyone?  i know it’s just a bad couple of weeks when it comes to my willpower.  but i’ll get it together. 

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