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instagram: my love

i was one of the first people on facebook.  that’s weird to say, right?  it is so normal now, so mainstream.  but back in 2005, it was a brand new thing and the only modern social media platform.  you had to be invited to join it.  and it was only for college kids.

and it was cool.  and weird.  and eventually trouble-inducing.

we didn’t know how the internet really worked back then.  we were just excited to be there.  we didn’t know about sharing info safely.  and so we shared like there was no tomorrow.

(needless to say…i’ve done some deleting since then.  although i’m sure there’s some embarrassing stuff on a random server somewhere.)

but now there are so many social media platforms!  and i definitely have my favorite.  i still use facebook and i’m getting into twitter, but instagram is my fave.  i love the idea of sharing images…pictures, quotes, etc.  my only complaint is that some people write way too much on their descriptions or use too many hashtags.

here are some of my favorite accounts…and mine because i needed symmetry in my picture collages.

fave instagram accounts
tyler knott write poetry | mama mandolin shares stories about her twin boys, her fashion, her etsy shop, and her fitness journey | she reads truth posts inspiring quotes and updates on their bible studies


fave instagram accounts
shop tumbleweed textiles shows off their new clothing styles | tori gonzales shares her fabulous and yet still low key texas life | mommasgonecity is home to #theoandbeau and other updates on her adorable family.


fave instagram accounts
women’s health australia is actually better than the women’s health us account | kate from the small things blog shares hair tutorials and updates to her home and family | and then there’s me!

what’s your favorite social media platform?  any favorite instagram accounts?

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