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my first stitch fix.

my first stitch fix box: how it works, is it worth it? i decided to take the pludge on another subscription box service.  i love birchbox.  and i’ve heard people talk about stitch fix for some time now, but i didn’t know if i wanted to try it.  with the encouragement of a friend who uses it, i went for it. sidenote: try saying “stitch fix” five times fast.  it’s impossible not to get tongue-tied. basically, you pay a $20 styling fee, you fill out a detailed style profile, they send you five items, you keep what you want, and send back what you don’t. based on blogs i have read on the service, i also gave them my measurements, told the stylist my likes and dislikes, gave her examples of bloggers that i admire for their style, told her about my job, and linked a specific pinterest board to their site.  this helped tremendously.  definitely do that.

what a stitch fix box comes with.
prelabeled bag for sending back items you don’t want to keep, a style guide with outfit ideas and a personalized note from the stylist, a list of the items and their prices, and a card giving you directions on what to do next.

in my first box, i got a pair of grey skinny jeans, an aqua polka-dot tab-sleave blouse, a gray and black striped patch open cardigan, a white embroidered blouse, and a grey/tan/black striped maxi skirt.  when i first unwrapped them from the tissue paper, i was nervous.  i didn’t know if i would like any of them.  but i judged them too quickly.  i kept the polka dot blouse, the cardigan, and the maxi skirt.  everything was beautiful and unique to my wardrobe.  the only reason i sent the other two back is because they didn’t quite fit correctly. my first stitch fix box: what i'm keeping the whole process is surprisingly personal.  i especially loved reading the note written by my stylist and the cards with two outfit ideas for each item.  i could tell that she actually did her research and put a lot of thought into what she picked for me.  she also pushed me into things she thought i might like while still giving me a couple of items that were a “sure thing”.  she mentioned a blog i told her about, things on my pinterest board, and gave me advice.

my first stitch fix.
my personalized note.

i ended up spending a little over $140.   (by the way, the styling fee is refunded when you buy something.)  i went into it knowing the prices and wanting to find some unique pieces to invest in.  i also knew that i would be given more higher end items that i would choose in the store.  i think that’s the best attitude.  although it’s not cheap, you can give them price brackets to work within.  you can schedule it for each month, but i’m going to try it every few months.  i’ve already scheduled my next one for november.

my first stitch fix.
forgive these shots. i am no model.

i definitely recommend trying it out!  it’s very easy, and it’s fun to see what someone else would pick for you.

click HERE for more info on stitch fix.

update:  my secondthird and fourth fixes.

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