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WOW 9.24| i gotta go home and shower…

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i love the oatmeal.  his sense of humor cracks me up.  he posted this comic this week and i love it.  it’s so true too.  i love the feeling of working out again, but there’s always the moment when i’m done when i think – i feel amazing!  but i hope i don’t run into anyone i know because i am disgusting right now.  🙂

climb the highest peak

i finally got back to consistent workouts this week.  i’m feeling better physically and emotionally each day.  i’m still loving millionaire hoy.  i’m also hooked on HIIT so it’s a great combo with the variety of mill hoy’s videos.  i’m also doing quite a bit of walking/jogging.  i know i need to work in more strength training again, and i plan on doing that next week.  this particular workout contains a bunch of MMA moves.  being a fan of the sport, it’s right up my alley.

 any strength youtube videos or channels to recommend me trying?  leave me a comment.

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