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how to make “sticky” bobby pins

i have curly hair that is unruly on a good day.  i always have bobby pins on hand for hairs that fall out of place.  but i also have fine hair.  so it’s even harder to keep it together.

i have found something that helps: sticky bobby pins.  they are a game-changer.  i’ve found several “recipes” for sticky bobby pins, but because my hair is so fine, i’ve had to pump my own recipe up a notch.  by the way, sticky bobby pins are good for all types of hair from fine to short to thick/coarse.

so basically, you spray stuff on your bobby pins.  it makes sure that the hair cannot slip through the pins.  in fact, wherever you put the pin, the hair will not move.  they’re super easy and quick to make, and they really help me maintain my hair down all day.

all you need is: a bunch of bobby pins, a tissue, dry shampoo, and hair spray.  i use conair color match bobby pins, tresemme volumizing dry shampoo and john frieda luxurious volume hairspray.

how to make sticky bobby pins

{1}  lay down a tissue or paper towel.

{2}  spread out as many bobby pins as you want.  make sure they don’t overlap each other so they are coated evenly.

{3}  spray the bobby pins with a layer of dry shampoo.  let them dry for about a minute.

{4}  spray the pins with a quick spritz of hair spray.  let them dry for another minute.

{5}  grab the corners of the tissue and shift the pins around to remove any excess dry shampoo/hairspray.  the pins should look dull.  you will be able to feel the residue on the pins.

and now you’re ready to use them! the pins will be good for about 20-30 uses before they need to be resprayed.


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