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have y’all been watching this show?

singles project

it is fascinating…

i’m pretty much game for any reality show on bravo, but this one has become one of my favorites.  the people on the show are single {obviously} and looking for love in NYC. i love seeing that i’m not the only one awkward and unsure and frustrated with dating.

tonight is the season finale.  i’ve been tweeting the singles on the show with support.  i’m not just an overzealous fan.  that’s what you’re supposed to do!  it’s actually been kind of fun.


i have two favorites, tabasum and kerry.  tabasum is a successful doctor who wants to settle down with a sweet cuddly man and start a family.  kerry is a quirky girl who just wants to find a fun relationship.  kerry is on the right track with tripp.  they are beyond adorable.  {i’ve been tweeting my support!}  at first, she tried to go for the guys that her parents would choose for her, but then she met a fun artist.  and they totally clicked.  she veered off path for a little bit, but she found her way back to tripp.  seriously…so cute.  i actually squealed when they kissed and made up after kerry’s little mistake because it was just so charming.


but tabasum is having some trouble.  at first, she lied about her age and it led her in the totally wrong direction.  but then, she just accepted it and tried again.  it didn’t work out like she wanted, but she’s on the right track.  i can relate to her because she wants to settle down but she’s not willing to settle.  she’s not willing to compromise herself for anyone.  and although she {and i} are still single, she’s a strong, independent, loving, and smart woman.

IMG_3526.PNGboth of these women have reminded me that in the end, you have to go with your gut and not settle because it’s your love to give.

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