personal life

september favorites.

monthly favorites

{favorite beauty items}  

loreal true match lumi foundation – matches my skin tone perfectly and sits well on the skin

loreal prive the perfect nudes lipstick in the j.lo shade – my perfect nude shade with a great formula

benefit pore-fessional – an oldie but a goodie, smoothes out any imperfections before foundation.  just repurchased it.

{favorite snacks}

chili pistachios in the afternoon

razzle dazzle peanut butter on wheat toast before my workout

{favorite books}

i’ve never been to vegas, but my luggage has  by mandy hale

war brides by helen bryan

is everyone hanging out without me?  by mindy kaling (this was a re-read)

{favorite new music}

tom odell, vance joy, and hozier

{favorite tv shows}

hell on wheels – i’m not usually into westerns, but this show never disappoints me.

trashy bravo reality shows: jersey belle, below deck, the singles project

sons of anarchy – i’m so glad it’s back but sad that it’s the final season.  i hope it finishes strong.

new girl 🙂  i can relate to the awkwardness…and it makes me happy.

the blacklist – i’ve been catching up on netflix before i start on the current season.  what a great show!!

{favorite words}



{my own favorite posts}

my first stitch fix box

i’m sorry. i can’t. don’t hate me.

{favorite posts from other bloggers}

so are we a thing?  by nerky

family photos and a story by skinny meg

in memorium by ‘sota is sexy

the numbers mean nothing: learning to lose the scale by mama mandolin

{most memorable moments}

our homecoming football game – we were down by five with 11 seconds to go.  we then scored a touchdown and the extra point to win the game.  it was unbelievable and unexpected.  i kept saying over and over, “that was amazing”.  and it was.

watching my friend kat open her bday presents.  i’m a pretty good gift giver if i do say so myself.  just kidding.  i just really like giving gifts that i know people will appreciate.  (btw, christmas is less than three months away!!)

moving on and back into full on singleness…and being okay with it.

a five hour happy hour with my work friends that turned into a heartfelt confession session.

ordering my new iPhone 6.  i wasn’t planning on doing it so soon, but my 5 is slowly dying and the apple care lady said it would cost me about the same to buy a new one as to send mine in to get fixed.  you don’t have to twist my arm, lady. i’ll order a new one.  🙂  i still have a few weeks before i get it, but it’ll be nice to have a phone that actually works correctly.

this new lip sync video from the tonight show:

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