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the day is finally here.

tonight, my sister and i are going to see one of our music idols.  paul mccartney.  it’s hard to even believe it.  i never thought i would have the opportunity to see him live so when the chance came last april, i jumped on it.  i called my sister immediately and pretty much said, “we’re going.  i’m buying us tickets tomorrow.”

paul mccartney

luckily, my school counselor let me use her american express card so i could order early.  her son wanted tickets anyway so i got online at exactly 10:00 am and … got in line.  i was in the queue for about twenty minutes starting in the four hundreds.  i had a class starting pretty soon, but the counselor said she would watch my class if needed because she knew this was important to me.  slowly the number went down and i was able to go to the ticket page.  i quickly ordered the limit, four, in the second from the top price tier.  we splurged a bit, but i figured that i wouldn’t get another chance to see paul again so i wanted to make it worth it.  i sat there for a minute, unable to believe that it had just happened.  but it did.  i was walking on air the rest of the day.

in june, the concert was canceled due to paul’s poor health.  i was so disappointed at the time.  it was rescheduled for the fall.  i kept seeing it on my calendar over the next few months, but i didn’t really think about it too much.  that is…until last week when i got excited again.

out there tour 2014

i know hundreds of people see him perform a year, but i’m so honored that i’m able to experience it. and that my sister will be right there beside me.  we both have beatles tattoos.  i wrote my maid of honor speech for her wedding with about twenty beatles references.  (I’m not even exaggerating!) we’ve listened to the music for so many years, and it never get old.  it’s important to us.  and by tonight, we’ll have marked a very important experience off our bucket lists…together.


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