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the best 24 hours. ever.

rescheduled for october 2nd after paul got sick.

last week, i had the opportunity to spend the best 24 hours ever with my sister.  we met in lubbock on thursday and checked into the hotel.  we started with some shopping around town.  then we went back to the hotel and got ready for the paul mccartney concert.  we got cute and decided on a nice mediterranean restaurant for dinner.

sister tattoos
sister tattoos reunited!

but i made some mistakes that came back to bite me…  i hadn’t had any water all day.  i had skipped breakfast and had had a crappy sonic burger for lunch along with a cherry limeade.  i started to get a headache in the early afternoon but ignored it.  i kept thinking it would go away (although they never do) and that i didn’t have time for a headache because i had great plans.  yeah, well… that didn’t work out so well.  the food was very, very good at the restaurant, but also very rich.  i had half a sangria and two tapas before i knew i’d made a huge mistake.

the dinner that wasn’t. 😦

i felt nauseous and hot.  it was less than two hours to the concert and i started to panic.  i went to the bathroom and threw up.  then, my sister drove my car over to walgreens and i threw up again there.  i was determined though!  i got some excedrin and tums and a bunch of water. i drank two bottles of water on the way over to the arena.

these are our beatlemania faces.
paul mccartney concert
right before the concert.

unfortunately, my stupidity and stubbornness had caused us to be late.  by the time we got there, all of the parking lots were full and people were parking wherever they could.  we circled around twice before finding a spot on a street across from the university.  although i was still feeling queasy (especially with all that water in my stomach), we half-walked/half-ran to the arena.  we were thirty minutes late.  BUT!  luckily paul mccartney was late too.  in fact, he was pulling into the area in a big suburban with a police escort right as we walked up.  (we later watched the news and saw him in that same suburban so we know it was him!)  we got in and found our seats with a little time to chill before the concert.

hey jude
during hey jude.

and then… we experienced nearly four hours of paul mccartney.  it was incredible.  it’s hard to even describe how amazing it was.  he did a buddy holly tribute in the middle (because buddy holly was from lubbock), came out waving a giant texas flag to start his first encore, and honored george, john, his first wife linda, and his current wife.  it was full of stories about buddy holly, the beatles, personal anecdotes, and memories.  he played some of his new songs (which i actually do like) and all of the oldies that i love.  it was perfect.  more than i expected.  (check out my instagram for more pics and videos)



after the concert, i was starving considering i had absolutely nothing in my stomach.  everything was closed so we hit up walmart for some snacks.  we stayed up until after two reviewing pictures and videos and just reminiscing on the entire experience.

we slept in a little bit and woke up sore as hell.  at first we couldn’t figure out why, but then we remembered that we were so tense during the concert.  we went over to planet fitness and worked out.  it helped and made us both feel better.  we then ate some breakfast and got ready.

sweaty post workout selfie.

after some more shopping, we went to the alamo draft house and saw “gone girl”.  i had been waiting forever to see that movie, and it was a great adaptation.  plus, at the alamo draft house, you can order food and drinks.  so we got some chocolate peanut butter shakes, popcorn, and fries for the show, which totally quenched our snack food cravings.  after the show, we parted ways to head back to our own cities at almost the exact moment we had met up the day before.

callie made a new friend while out shopping.
alamo draft house
seeing “gone girl” at the alamo draft house.

like i said, the best day ever.  not perfect.  just great.

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