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WOW 10.8 | getting refocused and reenergized

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i have been off track.  i have not been focused on my health goals at all.  i haven’t been putting in the work.  in short, i’ve gotten lazy.  remember when i talked about my magic trick of gaining weight?  yeah, i’ve gained four pounds just since school started at the end of august.  i discovered that fact when i stepped on the scale on monday and then stepped off and back on again because i didn’t think it was right.  so that’s nearly ten pounds since may.  great.  just great.


it’s so frustrating, but if i’m really honest with myself, i know that i have made some mistakes over the past few months.  i haven’t been working out as often or as hard as i should.  i have been slacking off on my strength workouts.  i have been cheating on my food, especially on the weekends.  and i definitley haven’t been stocking my fridge with nutritious foods.

so it’s time to get refocused.  i’m tracking my food again with my lose it app to see my mistakes and triumphs visually.  i think that helps me. i’m also going to make it a goal to workout 4-6 times a week again, writing them down on my little white board on my fridge so again…i can see it.  that way i can’t ignore it.  i’m going to try to push myself more and quit making excuses.  i know if i don’t, i’m just going backwards.

sore today sorry tomorrow

on monday, i knew i needed to kickstart my plan.  i found this new fitness blender workout, and it was just the thing.  i did this workout (which is some lower body strength mixed with HIIT) and then ran/walked two and half miles.  i hate running, but it felt good to get outside and just feel powerful again.  yeah, i was sore on Tuesday, but it was worth it!  i’d rather feel sore and tired and know that it was worth it than regret not working out.  i always feel better, calmer, and stronger when i take care of myself.

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