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10 things…I must (awkwardly) confess

1.  i watch crap tv like “16 and Pregnant” and pretty much anything on Bravo to make me feel like i have my shit together.

2.  i do my nails every sunday afternoon.  it’s always no color on my fingernails and any color but red/pink on my toenails.  i love getting a pedicure, but i can do it better myself and i’m cheap so sunday afternoon it is.

black toenails.
right now, my toenails are painted black. it makes me feel a little badass for some reason.

3.  it takes me about 20 minutes to put on my makeup in the morning.  i know that’s a ridiculous amount of time, but it’s my “me” time.  i only spend about 3 minutes on my hair, obviously.

4. i could never be a crazy old cat lady because i couldn’t even imagine the maintenance it would take to care for more than my two cats.  i HATE cleaning out the litter box each week.  my two lovies have more than enough personality to keep me entertained.  more than two terrifies me.

this is one of my favorite pics of luca. what a weirdo though!

5.  i fall down more than the normal person.  my 80 year old self will most likely be in a cast or wheelchair.

6. i have somewhat strange celebrity crushes: lenny kravitz, charlie hunnam, pitbull, t.i., norman reeds, chris hemsworth. i think this middle class white girl needs a little edge.

7.  i eat peanut butter from the jar sometimes.  it’s not like i’m sharing it with anyone so it’s okay, right?

8.  the cleanliness of my house is directly related to my mood.  the messier my house is, the more of a mess i am.  the cleaner and neater, the more put together i am.

9.  nothing makes me more angry than a slow wi-fi connection.  you do not want to be the person that i talk to on the phone from the internet company.

10. every single time i listen to “top of the world” by patty griffin, i cry because it’s so beautiful and heartbreaking.

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