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concert shadowbox how-to

i went to a paul mccartney concert a couple of weeks ago.  (like you haven’t heard me talk about it.  haha!)  i saved some materials from the experience.  my sister and i talked about doing shadowboxes to exhibit them. so over the past few weeks, i gathered everything together. i’m very indecisive so it took me awhile to get it exactly how i wanted, but by the end, it was perfect. here’s how i did it…

supplies for shadowbox
supplies for the shadowbox

for a concert shadowbox, you will need:

  • a shadowbox –  make sure it’s not too big and not too small.  i watched the hobby lobby ad for a couple of weeks and waited until mine went on sale.  i got it for $16.
  • photos from the concert – i used the walgreens app to print them.  it’s super easy and they’re available almost instantly.  the prices are reasonable.  also, i like that you can print 4×4 prints from instagram.
  • your ticket stub and any other mementos – i stuffed that thing in my purse as soon as the ticket taker scanned it because i didn’t want to lose it.  my sister also grabbed some confetti from the very end of the concert.
  • scrapbooking paper for photo backgrounds – again, i waited for them to go on sale for half off at hobby lobby.  i chose several different prints that blended well together.
  • stickers and markers – to add a little extra cuteness
  • pins – to attach the items to the background.  you can also glue them directly, but i like the look of the pins.
  • scissors and glue– for cutting everything out and sizing them inside the box
shadowbox how-to
concert mementos


1.  decide on a few key pictures and mementos.  it’s best to keep it simple.  i chose photos, my ticket stub, and confetti from the end of the concert.

2.  add backgrounds to your pictures.  combine some pictures on the same background.

3.  decide on your layout.  eliminate anything that doesn’t fit or mesh with the theme.  layer each item with the others until you get it how you want.

4.  add stickers and any writing.

5.  pin everything down. usually you’ll only need one or two pins at the top of each item.

6.  carefully lay the shadowbox face down, add the confetti (or other items), and attach the back.

7.  hold it upright and tilt it back and forth until the confetti lays how you want.  and attach to the wall!

finished concert shadowbox
finished product!


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