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10.24 | high five for friday!


…one…  i took a trip out to the canyon this past saturday.  it was just what i needed to end a tough week.


….two…  my october birchbox was just alright.  i get emails from birchbox all the time, but one this week kind of ruined it for me.  i like being surprised by what is in my box.  but the “sneak peak” email told me everything that was going to be in it.  and the perfume was busted.  that’s the third time that’s happened!  i emailed them, and they’re sending me a new one.  i hate the mascara.  so clumpy!  despite all the problems with this box, i really liked the mask and the face rejuvenator (which i’ve gotten before).


…three… “walking dead” is back with a vengeance!   i didn’t think i’d like this show when i first saw the previews for it years ago.  it’s gory and violent.  and it’s downright scary at times.  and yet, i’ve watched each and every episode from the beginning.  i tell people – it’s not about the zombies, it’s about the people and what they choose to do when pushed to the brink.  (on a funny note, if there is one, twitter blew up this week with the hashtag, #BobBQ.  the memes and comments were hilarious.)

Walking Dead #BobBQ
it’s horrible. but it’s also funny. 🙂

…four…  i ran across this drawing on the storyline blog the other day and it reminded me that on this road of life, there are all kinds of distractions that can pull me off of it.  i struggle with all of these things and more.  but like the blog post says, you just have to find your way back, move forward, and accept help.  it was a much needed reminder.


…five…  and finally, this shirt.  i don’t think i can get through a month without ordering a new texas shirt.  i just can’t help myself.  this one from tumbleweed texstyles, in particular, is adorable.  and it’s on sale right now!

Tejas shirt from Tumbleweed TexStyles


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6 thoughts on “10.24 | high five for friday!

  1. I love that path; I clicked on the link, too, and the post is great as well!

    I wish I lived somewhere that allowed for cool clothes and stuff like Texas does. Delaware does not lend itself to that.

  2. That path picture is great and I read the blog post that goes along with it. Also great!

    I wish I lived somewhere that lent itself to cool clothes and things like Texas does. Maybe I’ll pretend since I’ve been to Texas. Once.

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