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10.31 | high five for friday!


…one…  people dancing horribly might be my favorite thing ever.  and this clip from last saturday’s SNL is awesome and made me laugh until i cried tears of unabashed joy.  🙂

….two…  my cousin turns 30 this week!  i met up with some of her friends to surprise her with a little celebration dinner. i may have had a little too much red wine and the next morning at school may have been somewhat painful, but the dinner was really fun.  her friends are great and i claim them as my own.  they’ve always been nothing but welcoming, fun, and kind to me, and they definitely were to me that night.


…three… school is testing my patience lately, but it’s not bad.  it’s hard to get too upset when there are so many reasons for it to be difficult…red ribbon week, football games, halloween, etc.  next week will be better.

a major accomplishment

…four…  i had dinner with some friends earlier this week, and it kind of refreshed me for the week.  they listen, make me laugh, and give great advice.

let us be grateful

…five…  i’m headed to a turnpike troubadours concert tomorrow night.  i’ve seen them three times before, and i just love them.


it’s not my favorite holiday, but HaPpY hALloWeeN!  here’s my adorable little pumpkin that’s sitting on my porch.



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