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measurements and goals | november 2014

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things i did well in october:  counting calories and journaling.  meal planning.  hydrating.  started taking a probiotic.

things i still need to work on:  eating out too much.  portion control.  inconsistent workouts.  not eating enough veggies.  getting on the scale too often. beating myself up for small mistakes.  using the holidays as an excuse to go crazy with food. eating too quickly.


i have some work to do.  i have gained about an inch around my middle since the first of august.  i want to lose half an inch by the end of the month.   i know that will be difficult with the holidays in there, but i need to stay focused.


eating | more and different seasonal veggies

drinking | lots of water and tea

practicing | meditation and prayer

mastering | some standing yoga poses and working on my balance

learning | about some new education resources

trying | indian food and other exotic things (to me)

playing | word games

finishing | my lesson plans and school work before the weekend

reading | “the single woman” by mandy hale

remembering | that the road to health is a long and rocky one

enjoying | my time with family

feeling | hopeful even if lonely

hoping | for healthy and happy relationships

wearing | a few new workout clothes pieces

cooking | lots of pies for thanksgiving!

working | on building my relationships

traveling | to visit family

needing | to stop feeling sorry for myself

wanting | to save to build a tiny house

*i found the idea for this list from katrina @  i think i’ll keep it for my monthly updates.  and check her out!  she’s hilarious.

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