personal life

october favorites.

monthly favorites

{favorite beauty items}  


china glaze nail polish in leather – it is the perfect, completely opaque shade of black nail polish.  plus, it lasts a long time.

naked basics 2 palette – i love the cool tone shades

nivea lip butter – i like putting this lip butter on while i’m doing my make-up and before lip liner.

nail tek II nail strengthener – this stuff has saved my nails!

{favorite snacks}

malt shoppe ice cream from blue bell – so so good.


i can’t get enough of thin crust pizza in weird flavors from some local pizza joints.


{favorite books}

wild by cheryl strayed (this is a re-read)

in your dreams by kristan higgins (i love this author’s books.  this one was good but not great.)

war brides by helen bryan (i’m almost done!)

{favorite new music, tv shows, movies}

william clark green – great texas country artist.

eddie vedder – i’ve been listening to this pandora station for weeks.

Scandal – this show is so addictive!  i want to both be olivia and shake the hell out of her in every episode.

The People’s Couch – i want to be on this show.  it makes me laugh so much.

{favorite words}

have the courage #stevejobs

energy is power #erinbrown

{my own favorite posts}

the best 24 hours. ever. (aka my Paul McCartney experience)

how to make a concert shadowbox

going outside to feel better inside

{favorite posts from other bloggers}

fall capsule wardrobe by unfancy

my story of (and how you can avoid) exercise addiction by fitness blondie

cardio vs weights by skinny meg

i told you i was strong & independent.  i lied.  by the single woman

{most memorable moments}

going to the paul mccartney concert.  it was an amazing experience that i will never forget.

i got my new iPhone 6 and love it.  i didn’t think i’d like the bigger screen, but it’s the perfect size.

a field trip with some of my students.  i had to drive a little bus full of ten teenage boys.  surprisingly, it went really well.  just give them some snacks and music, and they’re completely distracted.


going out to the canyon after a long hiatus.  i needed the fresh air and outdoors.

pumpkin carving with my friend’s family.  in general, i hate carving pumpkins – it’s gross and i can’t ever get my design just right. but this time was fun.  plus i got to pet all of their farm animals and eat some great food.


turnpike troubadours concert.  i’ve seen them multiple times, but i’ll always go again!


and then…there’s this photo of our vice president looking like a badass eating an ice cream cone.  i don’t know why, but it made me laugh all month.


11 thoughts on “october favorites.

  1. Yes to the Black nail polish! Then again, I love it all year round. At least in the fall and winter people don’t think I’m completely nuts.

  2. Everyone keeps saying how great the iPhone6 is. I still don’t know if I want to commit to that big of a screen.

    Thanks for saying you like the Naked2 Basics. Like with the iPhone, I still can’t figure out which one I want so it’s nice to hear what other people think.

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