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11.7 | high five for friday!


…one…  i’ve been beating myself up about my health goals lately.  i lose all control on the weekends, which usually screws up the beginning of my week.  and i can’t let. it. go.  so then the week feels like an uphill battle.  but really, if i look back on it, i’m not doing that badly.  progress is progress no matter how slow it happens and no matter how many mistakes occur along the way.


….two…  tonight is “senior night”, when all the students in fall activities are recognized.  each student chooses sponsors who’ve inspired and helped them.  usually the students choose their parents, coaches, or other important people in their lives.  for the first time, a student chose me (and a couple other teachers) to be his sponsor.  it’s a sweet moment, and i’m proud to be a part of it.  he said he picked us because we push him to always do better and we don’t accept “average”.  i’m not a perfect teacher, but a kid saying that about me makes me feel great.

education is not

…three… the turnpike troubadours concert was awesome!  we ended up finding $80 on the floor so we drank and ate for free the whole night!  it was so fun to let loose for a few hours and enjoy some good music.


…four…  i had to make some decisions at school this week.  i had some things bothering me and i stood up for myself and took it on to make the changes.  although the decisions were difficult to come to terms with and really just created more work for myself, i think it will be better in the end.

…five…  this video.  this song was starting to get real annoying until i saw this version of it. i couldn’t look away. it is amazing and irresistible.


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