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11.14 | high five for friday!


…one…  thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays (right ahead of july 4th).  my mom and I have been planning the thanksgiving menu. we’ve decided to go non-traditional for once. and we’re doing all new recipes from the November Southern Living magazine.  i’m excited to try some new things!


….two…  a friend told me about this app called relay.  you can send gifs (and added texts) back and forth like text messages.  it is so entertaining!  i’ve been having a blast with it.


…three… i got sick on sunday night and stayed that way until tuesday.  stomach flus are the worst!  i wish i could have enjoyed having two days off from school, but i’m well now and i couldn’t be more grateful.  i was forced to rest for a couple of days, and i think i needed it. on the upside, being gone for two days means that i have two days of lesson plans already done for next week!

rest and self-care

…four…  first Ipsy bag. i feel like Ipsy might be the sluttier and younger sister of Birchbox. not that there’s anything wrong with that. i want to be both of those things sometimes. i just don’t know yet if I like one over the other. I’m going to give Ipsy another go. (in other subscription box news, i getting my second stitch fix this weekend and am so excited after a great first experience.)


…five…  this snuggle bug kept me company on my sick days and has been so cuddly during this cold week.




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6 thoughts on “11.14 | high five for friday!

  1. We’re going a little non-traditional for our thanksgiving menu this year, too! The main dish is going to be chili-haha!

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