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teaching tip 41. don’t be a gossip girl.

i originally wrote this post at the end of last year.  my school is dealing with some more issues this year.  every school goes through growing pains when there are staff and expectation changes.  it’s just part of the job when you’re dealing with lots of adults and even more kids.  this post seems even more significant now with teachers picking at each other (for new and different reasons from last year), the continued frustrations with the kids’ behavior issues, the added stress of the upcoming state testing, and the struggles of dealing with a partially new administration.

when i reread these teaching tips posts, it reminds me to follow them too.  there are always new things that come up to deal with, but the old ones come around again and again to pester me.  so here we go again…  🙂



things have been a little uncertain and weird at school lately.  we are going to have some staff changes that we already know about.  on top of that, there are certain people dealing with personal issues that seem to follow them to school.

all anyone wants to do is talk.  this is typical of schools.  teachers can be just as bad as the students about spreading hearsay.  it’s even worse when you’re friends with the teachers at your school.  i’m not going to tell you that you shouldn’t be friends with your co-workers.  hell, those weirdos are some of my best friends!

but here’s the thing…it’s easy to get pulled into the speculation, to gossip, to predict what is going to happen in the future.  one piece of gossip can spread like wildfire, especially in a small school like mine.  however, none of us know the real deal.  not really.  you ever played that game of telephone?  yep.  it’s like that.  the truth (or the beginning version of it) gets distorted as it spreads.  who knows what you’re hearing by the time it gets to you?!

no one’s perfect.  you’re going to hear things about other teachers or administrators (and even students!).  you’re going to want to know what is happening, who’s screwing up, who’s being a brown-noser, who’s got problems at home, etc.  it’s human nature to be curious.  however, there is a line.  it’s hard to find sometimes, but you are a professional.

so try not to get sucked into the drama as much as possible.  it’s just not worth the stress of it all.  i struggle with this issue for sure.  my curiosity and nosiness gets the best of me sometimes, but you’re never really going to know the truth and spreading gossip just makes the problem worse.


4 thoughts on “teaching tip 41. don’t be a gossip girl.

  1. AMEN! I work in a hospital and gossip spreads like wildfire. I try to stay out of the coworker/administration gossip, but I always give into the patient related gossip, because it is SO JUICY. Plus the gossip of rumored changes that seem to come about on a daily basis. Ayiyiyi.

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