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stitch fix 2

stitch fix review
i received my second stitch fix this past weekend. (here’s a recap of my first stitch fix.)  i have mixed feelings about it…and yet, i bought the whole box. let me explain…

my second stitch fix.

when i started stitch fix, i knew that some items would be pricey.  let’s call them “investments”.  so i decided that i would only buy items that i absolutely loved.  but when you buy the whole box, you receive 25% off of your total.  so it just seemed to make more sense to buy the whole box even though i am not IN LOVE with the clover print top just off of the price difference.

this box was different from my first.  i got everything out of the box and tried them on.  at first, i didn’t really love anything.  then i walked away from them.  when i came back to try them on again, i looked at it from a different perspective.  i looked at fit, comfort, style.  then, suddenly i liked pretty much everything.  i studied the style guide* for ideas of how to incorporate them into my existing wardrobe.

stitch fix style guide

after looking at my bill online, i figured out the math and bought the entire box.  the whole process is so easy.  and i like the fact that someone else is picking it out for me.  i would never even look twice at most of the items that come in my boxes if i saw them in a store.  and still, i end up liking them because they are out of my comfort zone but still fit my style.

my second stitch fix
the four tops from my second stitch fix


i’m learning what looks good on me, how to invest in clothes, and about my own personal style.  i still haven’t figured out those things yet, but i’m getting there.

*i think the style guide is key.  i’m very visual.  tell me how to wear it and i’ll be confused.  show me and i’ll be inspired.


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