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WOW 11.19 | day nine was a new day.

workout wednesdays with {a tattooed teacher in texas}

for eight days, i ate crappy food.  i quit my workouts.  i camped out on the couch during my illnesses and didn’t really get up even when i was better.  i basically just stopped taking care of myself.

day 8 was hairy.  i had been sick for days 1-3 and had a migraine for days 6-7.  i wasn’t feeling my best.  so i thought – what is the freaking point?  it’s cold as balls outside.  plus, it’s not like i have a man to notice.  so again, what is the freaking point?  

so on day 9, i shaved my legs.  i also repainted my toenails, did a facial mask, and put on some lovely smelling lotion.   i then cleaned out my fridge and researched some new workouts to add to the mix.  because what i realized on day 9 is that the point is that i should take care of me for me.  it’ll make me feel better for me.

every holiday season, i face this dilemma: to enjoy the holidays or not.  it shouldn’t be a choice, right?  but somehow i don’t have the self-control to face the holidays and not overindulge.  even with the best of intentions, i always tend to gain about 5-10 pounds every year.  i really want to go into the holiday season with a great attitude, a focused diet, and consistent workouts.  why is that so hard??  i’m usually good at planning, but it seems that around the holidays there’s always something around the corner to sabotage me.

happy thanksgiving

to top it off, my workout partner is indisposed right now with an injury.  it’s not a good excuse, but that’s making it difficult to keep myself accountable.  there’s no one asking about if i did my workout or how my eating is going for the week.  therefore, i can just keep quiet and make mistakes without anyone really knowing about it.  i still haven’t been working out and it’s been over a week!  i think need someone to text or call me every day.  he/she would basically need to yell at me to get off my ass and move and to quit eating crap.  i swear it would be effective.  any volunteers?  just kidding .  (but seriously…)

advice on getting through the holidays without packing it on?

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