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11.21 | high five for friday!



i’m trying something out of my comfort zone.  i’m not going to give any details just yet because i don’t know how the hell it’s going to work out, but i’m excited/scared about it.  🙂

overcome fear by action


this month’s birchbox was amazeballs.  (do people still say that?) i just loved everything.  i’m always up for a mask and there were two in this box.  i’ve used other balm products and i look forward to the highlighter.  i wasn’t sure about the perfume but it’s growing on me.  (i also got my second stitch fix this week.  check that out HERE.)




my middle sister has special needs.  to keep it simple: she is a seven year old in the body of a 27 year old.  holidays are very important to her.  she focuses so much on them that it becomes an obsession.  (this is common with kids with special needs. her other obsessions are the wizard of oz and hello kitty.)  so it’s important to channel her nervous/excited energy on positive things.  my mom and i have been planning some elf on the shelf activities for her this week over the phone.  i always thought it was kind of creepy, but i know chase will love it.  she will get the biggest kick out of it.

elf on the shelf


i hung out with my niece for a few hours on saturday.  she’s a handful in the best possible way.  we made some cookies, watched some “girl meets world”, played with my kitties, and just chilled.  and when i wasn’t looking, she wrote me a little message on my white board on my fridge.  her birthday is this weekend, and i have the perfect gift!



i took today off for a doctor’s appointment (yeah that yearly one).  but it’s nice to have a little break from school even for a day.  it’ll give me a head start on getting ready for thanksgiving week.  so in honor of my poor substitute teacher, here is my favorite key and peele skit – the substitute teacher.  makes me laugh every single time i watch it.  (you done messed up, a-a-ron!)


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6 thoughts on “11.21 | high five for friday!

  1. Taylor…we LOVE these videos…My fav is the one about the clubs. Ain’t none of y’all old enough to go to the DAMN CLUUUUB!

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