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11.28 | high five for friday!



i only had one and a half days of school this week.  and that was a blessing because…i needed a break.

december ecard


i caught up on all of the serial podcast episodes on my drive down to see my parents.  the story is riveting.  and since it’s in real time, you don’t know what the producer of the show is actually going to conclude at the end.  (check it out on iTunes for free)

serial podcast


thanksgiving is a time for reflection and gratitude.  i wrote a list this year of things that i am thankful for.



with thanksgiving comes lots of good food.  and i have to say…my mama and i outdid ourselves this time.  the turkey was so moist and flavorful, the stuffing was new and different, the potato rolls were amazing, the squash casserole was yummy, and the broccoli and rice casserole was delicious.  and the desserts??  the best part.

butterscotch cream pie with a pecan crust
butterscotch cream pie with a pecan crust from @southernlivingmag


i have been reading up a storm over the holiday week.  i’m almost finished with the single woman, i’m halfway through still missing (which i can’t put down), and i’m about to pick up unbroken.  i love having a kindle to keep track of all my books for me.  (by the way, i bought all of these books on sale on amazon.  look for the daily deals!)



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