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12.12 | high five for friday!



i got my little tree put up.  it looks almost identical to last year, but i don’t care.  it’s tiny and adorable.  i love the vintage ornaments mixed with new ones.



sons of anarchy ended this week.  i hadn’t realized until this week that it had been on for seven years.  i never missed an episode.  it’s not a happy story.  it’s tragic, really.  but there is something amazing about it.  the characters are incredible, and they just pull you in.  the series finale tied up all the loose ends and gave me closure with the story.   {plus…although opie will always have my heart, jax is a total hottie.}



i got in an order from colorpop.  i’m surprised that i love the “i love this” lippie so much.  so far i like both the lippie stix and the lippie pencils.



only five and a half days until christmas break.  and i need it.  that is all.  🙂

christmas break


i am back on track with my health.   have worked out seven out of the past ten days.  i’m not quite back to the point of enjoying it, but i’m doing it.  i’m most excited about my food.  i’ve been experimenting and feeling inspired from my new “power foods” cookbook.  this week i made: rice with tofu, whole wheat spaghetti with broccoli, pecan crusted chicken, and frittata.  my favorite of the week had to be the frittata with the pecan crusted chicken following close behind.  so yum.



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