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teaching tip 50: develop your own teaching philosophy.

it’s a classic job interview question: “what’s your teaching philosophy?”

it’s such an open ended question.  i was so nervous in my interviews.  i just remember rambling on, but i have no idea how i actually answered this question when asked.

so here are some things to think about when developing and writing your own teaching philosophy.  how do you feel about…?

  • the purpose of education
  • the importance of your particular subject
  • school rules and procedures
  • classroom rules and procedures
  • discipline procedures
  • positive incentives/motivation
  • attending to students with special needs
  • incorporating diversity
  • your students’ quality of work
  • lesson planning
  • time management
  • personal teaching goals
  • being a team member
  • what professionalism looks like

remember this though…your teaching philosophy is something you just have to figure out for yourself.  and you really need experience to learn it.  it will change over time.  that’s just natural.  don’t be afraid to change your philosophy.  

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