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12.19 | high five for friday!



i made these delicious mini salted caramel cheesecakes for school this week.  they were a hit for sure.  so delicious!  they’re a little time intensive, but they are worth it.  click HERE the recipe.



i got both my birchbox and ipsy bag this week.  lucky me!  loves from birchbox: the primer and scrub.  loves from ipsy: the brush and lip balm.




my erin condren planner is currently being held hostage by fedex BUT my friend holly got me 28 sharpies for christmas (along with an adorable baking ornament).  that many sharpies at least takes the edge off waiting for my planner to get to me.

me and holly with my christmas present
best present from a sweet friend


school is out today at noon.  thank goodness.  the natives are getting restless.



the weather this past weekend was GORGEOUS.  i happily walked five miles out at the park.  you have to take advantage of nearly 70 degree weather in texas in mid december.



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