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my 2015 erin condren life planner | thoughts & review

my 2015 EC Life Planner

i love a good planner. really, anything related to office supplies excites me. (office depot is my happy place if that tells you anything.)

when i kept seeing blogs and youtube videos on the newest version of the erin condren life planner, i knew this was the year to finally get it. it’s pricey at $50 so it’s an investment.  i believe it’s worth it if you are actually going to use it, especially if you’re going to use it for journaling.

so unbeknownst to me, there’s this whole movement called planner journaling or calendar journaling. i had no idea this was a thing. after an entire afternoon lost to pinterest and youtube, i was kind of hooked.

2015 EC life planner

one of my new goals for 2015 will be to better document and reflect on my life. blogging is great for connecting with other people over life’s events. but personal reflection? i keep that mainly to myself. i think this will be a fun way of doing it too. it will allow me to be creative each day. i am a little worried about keeping up with it, but i think if i can make it a habit, i will.

2015 EC life planner

my alternative cover for my Erin Condren Life planner
my alternative cover for my Erin Condren Life planner


:: LOVE ::

customization – you can pick your cover and colors.  they are also removable so you could order another cover (for around $10-15 plus shipping) and put it on your planner.  you can also order customized photo stickers and labels.

heavy spiral coil – it’s super duty, and i’ve heard nothing but good things about them.

laminated cover – it’s sturdy and thick.  it’s not going anywhere.  if there are any issues with it, the EC company will replace it…or so i’ve read.

size – it measures about 9 1/4″ (high) x 8 1/4″ (wide), which is perfect.  not too big, not too small.

ruler and elastic band – the clear ruler doubles as a page marker.  it’s also the perfect tool to cut washi tape.  the elastic band is extra, but i love it.  it keeps everything together when i’m on the go.  they also come in different colors.

laminated tabs – they are durable and are not going anywhere.

2 page monthly view – it’s enough room to see everything clearly.

2 page weekly view – it’s organized so well.  yes, i’m going to relabel some things, but that’s fine with erin condren.  she supports making it work for you.

notes section – who doesn’t need a few notes pages?  there are some lined and some blank pages.

pocket and zipper pouch – every planner should have these two things.  i’m going to keep loose papers in the double sided pocket and stickers and other decorations in the pouch to have handy when i’m not at home.


the shipping time – it took me three solid weeks to get my planner and it had barely any customization.  i understand that the customization and level of quality expands the shipping time, but geez…  the waiting nearly killed me. okay, i might be a little dramatic, but i’ll definitely pay for the faster shipping next time. also, note that the usps option is actually fedex smartpost, which is code for takes forever in my past experiences. if i’d known that it was actually fedex smartpost, i would have splurged right off the bat with the more expensive shipping.

the cost – it is $50 plus shipping costs – again, i understand why the planner is expensive.  and it’s totally worth the money to me. this is a high quality product that i’ll be using every day as a planning tool and an artistic outlet. so i want it to be good. i’ve been calling it an “investment” because then it’s okay, right?  🙂 but the shipping rates are outrageous after being spoiled by amazon. i wish EC used usps or something cheaper and faster.

the labels on the weekly pages – each day is divided into 3 sections: “morning”, “day”, and “night”.  i wish they were not labeled so i could name them whatever i want.  but it’s a pretty easy fix to cover them with some skinny washi.

the blank sticker colors – i wished they lined up with the months.  like for january, i would prefer orange stickers.  some of the colors do match, but only about half.  i know you can buy extra blank stickers in all kinds of colors, but i just wish the two blank sheets included with the planner matched exactly.  (that’s my OCD talking…)

so i will be doing posts in the next few weeks and months on how i am going to organize/decorate my planner.  there are so many things you can do with it, and i’m excited to get started!  it’s going to be a fun outlet for this year.

2015 EC life planner

2015 EC life planner

2015 EC life planner

2015 EC life planner

2015 EC life planner

for even MORE info, here’s a quick youtube video from erin condren herself:

check the erin condren site out HERE if you’re interested and want $10 off your first order. (the $10 off code will be sent in an email after you’ve registered that might go to your spam folder so check there if you don’t get it right away.)

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