healthy living

a little fitness motivation for 2015

i’ve been working this week on getting back on schedule with my health goals after indulging in the holidays.  i’ve also been thinking about my goals for the new year.  call them resolutions if you want.  so far, so good.  my goals for the year are written.  (i’m sharing them on january 1st.)  but i’ve needed a few kicks here and there in the right direction.  so here are some images i’ve found on Facebook and pinterest in the past couple of weeks that i find motivating to my physical and emotional health goals:

2015 is Game Time

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

happiness quote

Erin Brown quote

don't sugarcoat it.
this one just makes me laugh! 🙂


a bruise not a tattoo


Fitzgerald quote from Lauren's Whiteboard

happiness quote

Jillian Michael's Goal Pyramid
i found this image in the january issue of “good housekeeping” and it has definitely inspired me.

Erin Brown quote

Emerson quote from Lauren's Whiteboard


the way kanye loves kanye

fitness quote

Emerson quote



jillian quote


it is well.

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