my 2015 goals visually

I spent my new year’s watching “the walking dead” marathon and reading the first “call the midwife” book. I know…excitement galore over here. I kind of missed the countdown too. oops. but it was nice to have a low key new year’s…in my pjs…eating pizza…watching tv and reading. it gave me some time to think and assess how my year went and what i wanted to focus on this coming year.

last year, i made a poster to display my goals for the year. at the time, i wanted to see them every day. i placed it in my living room. that worked for awhile, but then it seemed to get in the way. if people came over, i’d move it to my bedroom. eventually, it just stayed in my bedroom.

so this year, i decided to put my goals in my erin condren planner. i picked a couple pages in the notes section and created a collage. i like that they’ll be available to me all the time but still be personal and somewhat private.

i separated the collage into three sections that flowed into one another: do, obtain, and seek. i think that worked well to organize it.  i used magazine clippings, washi tape, and colored pens.  after writing the big topics, i filled in the white spaces with specific goals and objectives to meet.  i like how it turned out.  i didn’t really have much of a plan besides filling the entire pages.  and i sure did that!  still, i feel like i covered everything.

2015 goals in my EC life planner

2015 goals in my EC life planner - left side
my “continue to do” goals


2015 golas in my EC life planner - right side
my “obtain” & “seek” goals


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